Vintage-Cut Diamonds

Our vintage or European cut diamonds were mined and masterfully cut over a century ago – before diamond cartels and diamond market corruption took hold and long before modern technology allowed minute precision and geometrically perfect diamond shapes. A descendant of the old mine cut and a refinement of cushion cuts, European cut diamonds have a very small table and a heavy crown. The body of the gem is very deep, and the culet at the base or point of the gem is generally larger and more open than in contemporary cuts. This cut was most popular during the late 1800s and early 1900s, and today it can be found in many antique and vintage rings and diamond jewelry.

European cut diamonds are considered to be the precursor to the modern round brilliant design, which is essentially a streamlined refinement of the European cut that uses more precise geometry. European cut gems, then, reflect more shadows than modern diamond cuts, though the immense depth of the stone makes older cuts very distinctive and desirable reflecting a warmth and romantic glow very indicative of their epoch. European cuts and basic contemporary round brilliants both have a total of 58 facets.