The ring is our favorite symbol of unity. Unfortunately, the very values that bring us together – passion, creativity, and honesty – are often missing from jewelry making. Disingenuous practices and antiquated norms too often limit a ring's full potential for meaning. It is only by the brave collaboration of mindful artists and their patrons that we will genuinely experience the spirit of wholeness the ring can signify.

So let's forge a new ring, free of the artifice and crimes that raise a barrier of irrelevance between our heads and our hearts. Let's strive for symbols that reflect our hopes in a fusion of art, ethics, and self-awareness, and which we'll proudly weild as genuine symbols of modern love.

– Derrick Cruz, Founder, New York City

Artistry & Innovation

Betroth collaborates with emerging and established visionaries across many creative disciplines. Having already defined new ways of engaging with the world in their respective fields, each collaborator works with us to transform their unique ethos into powerful works of jewelry.

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Social & Environmental Responsibility

We believe that the integrity with which we treat our collaborators and our environment enriches the significance of our rings. That’s why we procure all of our metals and gems exclusively from manufacturers that have formal sustainability programs and pay top wages to our artisans.
 Our platinum and gold are recycled and re-refined with no degradation in quality, and our Diamond Foundry U.S. grown diamonds are certified of exacting quality and aesthetics.

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Masterful Craftsmanship

Our New York City craftspeople are genuine masters. With over four decades of devoted experience, they've created fine jewelry for royals as well as for some of the most respected luxury houses in the world. Now, their unique skills are at your service.