Betroth unites visionary creators, master craftsmen, and responsible practices to reimagine the commitment ring. Founded by designer and artist Derrick Cruz, Betroth provides a platform of mastery and trust to those hoping to create or possess magnificent jewelry.

I created Betroth for the passionate few that revel in the search for what's true—whether that manifests itself in love, art or journey.

I believe love's many forms and awesome presence redefines all else. It is an intimate journey that demands extraordinary markers.

By introducing you to artists that share your spirit, I want to help you rise above old norms. I want you to be inspired by new visions, masterful hands, innocent materials and noble means.  In this way, we hope to capture the personality and essence of your vulnerable, but matchless expression of love. – Derrick Cruz


 Derrick Cruz, Founder 

Derrick Cruz is a Brooklyn born designer currently influenced by the intersection of storytelling, craftsmanship, and technology as materialized in the applied arts. He is the founder of Betroth, Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons and the influential collective known as Occulter. Cruz is the recipient of several international honors and has been featured at The New York Museum of Art and Design, The Santa Monica Museum of Art among others. His work has been published in Time Magazine, The New York Times, Interview, GQ, Purple, Rolling Stone, et al. Cruz currently works in Manhattan and is a faculty member at Parson’s New School for Design.